Titan Poker Online

When you take a look at everything that Titan Poker has to offer, what you will see is that there is a lot of choice available across almost every aspect of their online poker service. Even with their software, something that is normally pretty static over the short term, Titan Poker has two choices for you. There is the conventional download option and then there is Titan Poker Online.

Titan Poker Online is the alternative to the conventional method of download. When online poker sites first came into existence, they functioned through the use of offline software packages that were downloaded and installed locally and that connected to the server of the online poker website through the internet. It is true that Titan Poker still has that option today as their primary means of letting people interface with the online poker servers that they run.

However, they also offer another option for people that don’t want to install anything on their machine and that option is Titan Poker Online. This is no download poker at its finest because you’ll play online poker and do all of the account transactions through your internet browser. Nothing is downloaded in the process (unless you don’t have Flash installed on your computer yet, but that is rare) and therefore you don’t have to use any of your hard disk space in order to get things started.

If you’re worried about potentially losing access to your promotions because you’ve decided to use this method, don’t worry. There is no difference in bonus eligibility between Titan Poker Online and the conventional download option. All you have to do is make sure that you use the titan poker coupon code TPDEAL when signing up and you’ll still get the $25 instant bonus and the beefed up 150% up to $600 first time deposit bonus. Those are given to any account that signs up with that bonus code regardless of the method that they actually use to connect to the server and play online poker at Titan Poker.

Aside from the no download aspect, there are some other advantages inherent to using Titan Poker Online. Some players have reported that the lack of a local middle man piece of software has resulted in their connection to the site speeding up. The end result has been less lag and a much better playing experience. Others have said that they prefer the interface of the browser to the interface of the local software package, although to be fair this is a minority opinion within the larger community of people that play their online poker at Titan Poker.

Titan Poker Online is not without disadvantages however. The most obvious one is the fact that the online version of the software package is not as feature-rich as the conventional download package. You can do all of the basic commands, but some of the more exotic options are not available. In the end, it is entirely up to you which of the two modes of connection you would like to use.

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