Club Titan Poker

The first promotion that you absolutely need to look at when you play online poker at Club Titan Poker is their signup bonus special. If you use Titan Poker Coupon code TPDEAL when signing up for your real money account, you can get an instant bonus of $25 and a signup bonus worth 200% up to $2000 on the first deposit that you make. While that is a good bonus, it is also true that at some point you’ll have cleared it and will then be ready to tackle something else. It is at that point that you need to think about Club Titan Poker.

The Club Titan Poker promotion is the loyalty program that Titan Poker has available. It is in many ways one of the purest forms of loyalty program available because it is essentially entirely a cash back program. In other words, you gain points by playing in real money cash games and tournaments and then you trade those points in for cold hard cash. It is a simple program and one that is very easy to understand.

That being said, there are different things to keep in mind about the Club Titan Poker program. The first of these is that the more points you trade in at once, the better the conversion rate is between points and money. If you trade in your first 2000 points for $10 in cash, the redemption rate is not that good. However, if you wait until you have 7 million points, you can get a much better conversion rate with $120,000 in cash. In between are many different levels and the more points you trade in, the better the conversion rate gets.

Since 7 million is a lot of points, you might be wondering how you can really get to that level. Well, in order to do it you’ll certainly need to play a lot of online poker, but Club Titan Poker also gives you a way to speed up the rate at which you earn points so that you can accumulate them faster. There are six levels in all and each level past the first one will give you a points multiplier that will allow you to earn more points per hand relative to someone that is in one of the lower levels. In this way, you can slowly make your way to the top and then trade in those points for a lot of useful cash.

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